MONSTROS (May 5th - 20th, 2011)

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, Between Delancey & Rivington Streets, NY
Abrazo Interno Gallery, 2nd Floor

From the Creative force behind FWACATA! Look At My Hands.

MONSTROS incorporates Pre-Colombian myths and legends, with contemporary “monsters” to visually highlight Latino folklore. Comprised of a diverse artistic coalition with techniques ranging from works on paper, prints, paintings and multimedia. The exhibit seeks to explore and educate through these legends that have become an intrinsic part of our history

Featuring: Jason Claudio, Tenjin Ikeda, Leslie Jimenez, Antonio "Titanium" Montalvo, Christian "XIAN" Montalvo, Robert Nuñez, David Quiles, Wilson Ramos, Jr., Miguel Trelles & Julio Valdez.


Feat. the Visual Haiku "Look At My Hands"
with Art by Christian "XIAN" Montalvo, Antonio "Titanium" Montalvo, Anibal Arroyo, David Quiles & Wilson Ramos Jr.

December 3, 2010 - January 15, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, December 3, 6-9PM

Taller Boricua
1680 Lexington Ave, NYC, NY 10029



A.G.E. Studios / Titanium Toyz was proudly represented in the Toyqube Booth at this year's San Diego Comic-con. The premier of Titanium, the new custom figure, was extremely well recieved. Antonio "Titanium" Montalvo would like to extend his appreciation for those that showed their love and support.


NEW YORK COMIC-CON (October 2011)

New York Comic-Con was Awesome! Can't wait to do it again next year. Special thanks to Titanium and his awesome Titanium Toyz as well as our esteemed boothmate Jared Flynn from Room 909. Shout out to our extended family in Section 8 Studios, MAS Media Studios & Hybridborn Comics. A.G.E. Studios is also honored by all the love and support we received by those that stopped by our booth. Thank you all so much.


21st Medical Complex Art Show

October 26, 2011 - January 31, 2012

Opening Reception: October 26, 4PM - 6PM

Featuring All New Art by Christian Montalvo

Sponsored by the Weill Cornell Medical Library


New York Comic-Con

(October 11 -14, 2012)

Meager words cannot describe how grateful we at A.G.E. Studios / Alpha Godz Entertainment are, for the outpouring of love and support we received at the NY Comic-con. We were blessed in an awe inspiring way. Thanks to all those that helped to make this year's show the best yet! Hope to see you again next year.

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Custom Zemis by XIAN & TITANIUM

The 20 Coolest Limited-Edition Art Toys From New York Comic Con 2012

Blouin Artinfo

Alpha Godz' customized Zemis had the honor of being named number 15 !

"These carved Batman and Captain America totems are one of a kind, and the lucky owners will likely be able to ward off the bad juju of villains — if they are lucky enough to snag them. They were both already sold when we arrived."



The newest addition to our Collectible Offerings.

Envisioned by XIAN and hand casted and sculpted by TITANIUM.

Zemis come from Taino legend.  They can represent either a deity or the spirit of an ancestor.  Typically the sculpture, which can be carved of various materials like bone, wood, shell or stone, can also contain that spirit which it is meant to depict.  While many Taino deities are recognized by their individual names, Zemis are often lesser divinities that can control natural forces.  They are recognized as beings with supernatural and magic powers, consulted for wisdom and healing by those regarded as medicine people. Zemis are relative to the Greater Antilles: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. These Zemis are hand sculpted and cast in resin,  available in multiple colors and varieties Designed and sculpted by TITANIUM and XIAN.

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FWACATA!! A Latino Comic Experience

(June 20th - 30th, 2013)


Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, Between Delancey & Rivington Streets, NY
Abrazo Interno Gallery, 2nd Floor

There are icons throughout Latino history that are larger than life, whether they be musicians like Celia Cruz, activists like Frida Khalo, or dictators like Fidel Castro. These individuals are in every sense of the word Latino "Heroes & Villains". The artists in the show are portraying these figures through the lens of the Comic book medium, with it’s myriad stylistic choices, and spotlighting the impact of these icons and comics on popular culture

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New York Comic-Con

(October 10 -13, 2013)

Alpha Godz would like to thank all those that showed us love and stop by our booth at this year's New York Comic-con. We are truly blessed and honored. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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Latino Heritage Month at RPI

(September 26th - November 20th, 2013)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Student Union)
15th Street and Sage Avenue, Troy, NY
Shelnut Gallery, 3rd Floor

Curated by Mary Udell

Gallery Hours Sundays noon to 3PM

All other times: Call the Union for availability (518) 276-6505