A.G.E. Studios was founded by two brothers, Christian Montalvo and Antonio Montalvo, born and raised in Queens, New York. Formally incorporated in August of 2003 as Alpha Godz Entertainment, Inc. Both artists interned for Marvel Comics while studying and later graduating from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. First venturing in self-publication, the studio's premier independent release was published in 2005: Revolutionary Warfare / Optimum Donnie Bling-Bling, garnering critical acclaim; Revolutionary Warfare for its social consciousness and Donnie Bling-Bling for its hilarious comic antics. The follow-up, Revolutionary Warfare #2 was self-published in 2007, also respected for it's political content. Donnie Bling-Bling: Platinum Player #1, A.G.E. Studios' first full color forray, along with the group collaboration, FWACATA! Look At My Hands, were published in 2010. The studio has also been contracted as Illustrators, Storyboard Artists, Graphic Designers, and Comic Book storytellers working freelance for established professionals like Mirage Studios, Julio Valdez Studio and the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center to name a few. Expanding beyond publication, Christian Montalvo, has begun curating Fine Arts Events, while Antonio Montalvo, has begun the up and coming Toy design branch of the studio, A.G.E. Toyz as Titanium.
The Artists

Jason Claudio

Christian Montalvo
Antonio Montalvo
"Jay Guevara"
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